You can check out some of my projects below


Prayershare is a pseudo-anonymous prayer request sharing platform. Users are able to follow their friends, and see when a request is made, but the poster will remain anonymous. Additionally, the poster can see the amount of people who have partnered with a request, but not who has partnered with it. This enables some degree of anonymity, while still allowing content to be filtered to remain relevant.


Codenames is a great game. The only problem is everybody needs to be together to play it. This is a digital version that enables users to play together from any device, and any location. Users can create a game room that other players can join, then they can play together in real-time. The real-time communication runs on WebSockets and is powered by Note: It may take a few seconds for the container to spin up if it has been inactive for a while.


Sitant is a minimal, yet incredibly functional new tab replacement. It provides a quick place to jot down notes, todos, or tasks without a bunch of additional fluff.

Ascend Performance

Ascend Performance is a ficticious company I dreamed up to practice my design skills. Additionally, making the website gave me the opportunity to try out some new technologies, such as Styled Components.

Night Mode Bible

Night Mode Bible is a Chrome extension to make easier on your eyes at night. It provides a toggleable dark mode that styles the UI to make it less blindingly bright.


Parabox is an easy-to-use paralax library built on top of CSS3 transforms. Available for use both in-browser and with modern build systems.